Questions And Answers About Renting Portable Toilets


Hosting large gatherings or managing outside work projects can present a number of logistical problems. In particular, arranging for restroom accommodations can be a particularly challenging task. Luckily, there are portable toilet providers like Walters Portable Toilets that can help you meet this need for an affordable price. However, you may not have ever needed the services of a portable toilet provider, and this can lead you to need a couple of questions answered before you make a decision. 

Do You Have To Arrange For The Waste To Be Disposed?

Some individuals are under the impression that they will be left with an unsanitary mess after the event. Often, they may assume they will be responsible for emptying the container before it is picked up by the provider, but this is usually not the case. Generally, your provider will arrange for the contents of the toilets to be emptied at the nearest wastewater treatment facility. 

However, it should be noted that some providers will have additional fees for disposing of the waste water. Luckily, it is usually possible to find a provider that will take this fee out of the cost of the rental, and this can help you stretch your budget for the project or event a little further. 

Should You Invest In An Insurance Policy For The Portable Toilets?

Many portable toilet providers recommend individuals take an insurance policy or the toilet. Sadly, some people assume that this is nothing but an unnecessary upsell. However, this is far from the case, and these insurance plans can help save you from paying for any damages that occur to the toilets while they are in your possession. 

These policies are particularly valuable for toilets that will be on construction sites or used for large scale events or festivals. Toilets at these locations will be subjected to far higher usage and may be more vulnerable to damage. For these reasons, an insurance policy will likely pay for itself after your event is finished. 

Renting a portable toilet can be the most effective way of ensuring that toilets are provided for your workers or guests. However, renting these devices is not something that most people have experience doing, and this can lead them to need important questions answered before they pay for these services. By understanding that waste disposal will not be required of you and the value of an insurance policy can shield you from expensive damages, you will be in a stronger position to get the most from your rental. 


19 February 2015

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