Three Critical Areas In Restaurant Plumbing


Due to the nature of their operations (such as oily wastes) restaurant plumbing needs differ from residential plumbing systems. If you have a restaurant, then there are three critical plumbing areas that should always be in tip-top conditions:

Backflow Issues

Restaurant sanitation is very important, and not just because you have to adhere to local regulations. Without proper sanitation, there is a possibility of your patrons getting sick, which means you will lose business and even face toxic food tort claims.

Restaurants generate a lot of waste; therefore, your plumbing must be designed to prevent any contamination of clean areas. This is mainly achieved by installing pipes with integrated backflow preventions systems. For example, sink pipes should have air gaps that prevent sewer backup from reaching the sink. Another example is the inclusion of back-siphonage-prevention devices in faucets so that they can't suck in the dirty water and contaminate the sterile water source/tank.

Proper Sewage Disposal

Another critical issue is that of sewage disposal, which is complicated because restaurants generate different kinds of wastes. For example, restaurant waste includes lots of oily or greasy effluents, things that are known to block sewage systems in residential plumbing. For this reason, restaurant kitchen waste (that contains lots of fats, oils and grease) should not be disposed of in the drain.

Instead, you should have a grease trap and a waste bin for these special wastes, which you can recycle.  It is also important to engage in waste-reduction strategies such as avoidance of over purchasing, buying durable food in bulk and recycling as many products as possible.

Adequate Hot and Cold Water

The issue of water is also very critical to restaurant operations. Not only do you need water for the kitchen, but you also need it for your customer's hygiene (such as hand washing). Adequate water will also help to keep your employees' hands clean and prevent food contamination.

The water heater sizing should be geared towards meeting the peak operation requirements for your restaurant. If the water comes from other sources other than the local water department, then it must be tested to confirm that it satisfies the department of health safety requirements.

These are some of the three things to focus on as far as your restaurant's plumbing is concerned. Therefore, none of these critical operations should ever be hindered or let to run below efficiency. For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc. or a similar company.


24 February 2015

Learning About Plumbing Services For The Kitchen

Hi everyone, my name is Bonita Ploursa. After living in my first home for several years, I decided the kitchen needed a drastic change. I spent the bulk of my time baking cakes, making candy and canning jam in my kitchen. However, cleanup was a nightmare due to the lack of a dishwasher. Furthermore, my sink area could only fit one small pot, which made it impossible to wash out my cookware. I hired a plumber to help route lines for a dishwasher and replace the sink. I also had my plumber install a nice garbage disposal in the sink. The process took very little time and no effort on my part. I would like to discuss this upgrade, and others like it, on my website. I will explore the various ways plumbers move pipes and install appliances throughout the kitchen.