Watch What Goes Down That Tube!: Draining Your Humidification Unit Without Plugging Your Plumbing


If you have a humidification unit attached to your furnace and it is operating normally, you will need to make sure that the drainage hose is emptying properly. Sometimes the hose gets blocked with dirt and dust balls, preventing the right level of draining from occurring. Rather than call for HVAC repair service, here is what you can do to keep the unit running smoothly.

Drain into a Floor Drain

Make sure you have a nice long piece of drainage hose connected to the humidification unit. It should reach all the way to the nearest floor drain. If you do not have a floor drain, a sump pump will do. The drain hose should allow any condensation from inside the unit to flow downward and out toward wherever the end of the hose exists. Without the help of gravity, the condensation can back up into the unit and wreck it.

Watch for Blockages

Lumps of grayish to blackish material can get stuck inside the tubing. It may be the quality of air the machine takes in. At any rate, you will want to turn off the air conditioning and the furnace to prevent these lint lumps from clogging up the tubing and the inner workings of the unit. If the lumps are small enough, you can let them pass through to the sewer pipes where they will not cause any further trouble. Larger balls of lint and dirt will block up not only the tubing, but also the sewer lines.

Unclog the End of the Hose When Sewage is Involved

In rare instances, you might have raw sewage back up into your home and have had to power clean it back down into the drainage hole. When this happens, your humidifier's hose can become stuffed up with semi-solid waste material.  As gross as it sounds, if you have the humidifier's tubing draining in the pile of sewage, you will have to clear the tubing, clean it and disinfect it. Your only other option is to replace the tubing completely (after you have resolved the sewage problem and cleaned the basement).

Secure Annual Maintenance from a Trusted HVAC Repair Service

If you still need to call for an HVAC repair service, request annual maintenance for the humidifier. At least this way you will know if there is a problem with the tubing or another sort of plumbing problem. You can learn a few tips and tricks on how to keep the humidifier running, and how to make sure that the hose is emptying properly. Over time you may wish to conduct a test to ascertain your need for such a device, if you do not use it all that often.


27 February 2015

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