How To Maintain Your Septic Tnak


Owning a home means that you need to be familiar with your septic tank to avoid major issues with sewage back-up. Here is a list of simple septic tank maintenance tips that you can use to keep your septic tank operating at maximum efficiency.

Map Out Exactly Where The Septic Lines Are Located

More often than not, a septic tank is located a few feet outside the main bathroom of the house; the line should start a few feet from the window. Approximately ten feet is where you should find the clean out. All septic tanks are different, and you need to know exactly where the tank is buried underground so that you don't accidentally dig up the line. If you don't know where the line is located, you need to call a professional septic tank inspector so that they can map out exactly where the lines are on your property.

Empty The Tank Regularly

The size of the septic tank will have a direct impact on how often it has to be emptied. It will also depend on how many people are living inside the house and what is being flushed into the septic tank. Fecal sludge will build up inside the tank over time and it must be emptied or you run the risk of system failure, which could be extremely costly to repair. A general good rule of thumb is to pump your septic tank out once a year to remove contaminants. It is also a good idea have a professional septic tank technician do a maintenance check on the unit every other year to ensure the system is working properly and to pinpoint any potential problems before they happen.

Clean The Filter A Couple Times A Year

The filter of a septic tank is there to block the waste from clogging up the drainage lines. Over time, sewage sludge will build up on the septic filter and needs to be rinsed away. You should clean the filter twice a year to ensure that it is protecting the system and doing its job. To clean the filter, you can dig up the ground around the clean out with a shovel. Remove the live to the clean out and pull out the filter. Once the filter is removed, rinse it out with a garden hose to remove the sewage sludge that has built up on it. When it's clean, slide the filter back into the clean out and cover it back up with the lid before you shovel the dirt back over it.

Good septic tank maintenance is important to preventing the lines from backing up and flooding the home with raw sewage. Failure to properly maintain the septic tank will end with costly repairs or you might have to completely replace the unit if it entirely fails. For more information, speak with experts like AAA Septic Tank Service.


13 March 2015

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