Is Your Air Conditioner Burning Your Wallet? Easy Ways To Cool Down Your Spending


If your air conditioner is costing more and more money to run but is doing a poor job of keeping the home cool, call the air conditioning professionals to stop wasting money. There are a few things that the expert can do to help bring down your cooling costs and improve your comfort, and things that you can do on your own as well.  

Clean and Seal Ducts

If the ducts are dirty and filled with lint, dust and other debris, cold air may be getting trapped. If it can't flow properly and circulate, the unit has to work harder to regulate the temperature. Duct cleaning is going to improve efficiency, help keep the home cool and improve the air quality at the same time.

Some homeowner's lose 30 percent of air through the ducts in the home because of cracks and leaks. Duct sealing is another way to cut down energy costs for both cooling and heating.

Tune-Up The Air Conditioning Unit

A dirty air conditioner can clog sensors, cause blockages and lower efficiency. The machine may need to be cleaned, and the gears and motor lubricated to improve function.  A repair professional can inspect the machine to make sure there are no major problems, and replace parts that are damaged or wearing. They will also check for Freon leaks.

Install Or Check Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans make sure they push the air down instead of pulling it up, to help with keeping the home cool. If you don't have ceiling fans, adding the fans to the home can provide a great deal of comfort and it can prevent air loss through the roof to minimize cooling expenses.

Get A Bed Fan

Do you crank the air conditioner up at night because you like it to be cool when you sleep? If so, a bed fan is going to prevent you from needing to do this. The fan is going to help cool your mattress and bedding to keep the bed comfortable while you snooze.

Check And Adjust Your Thermostat

If you think that you have problems with your thermostat and that is affecting the heating and cooling bills in your home, talk with the air conditioning professional about replacing it. Set the air conditioner a few degrees above what you normally have it at to get even more savings.

If you regularly use an air conditioning service and repair company it will help you save money in the summer heat.


8 June 2015

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