6 Telltale Signs Your Furnace Needs Servicing


If you've owned a home for a while now, you can usually tell when something is out of whack. Your lights flicker, and it's time to call an electrician. Your floorboards creak in new spots, and it's time to call a contractor. But could you recognize the signs of a failing furnace? Many people don't think too much about their furnace, but it's important to keep them serviced. A well-running furnace can save you money and ensure your home's safety. Learn what signs to look for that indicate a failing furnace.

1. Your Furnace's Age

Can you recall the last time your furnace got replaced? If you have had the same furnace for over a decade, there's a good chance it needs a tune-up. Experts suggest replacing your furnace with an ENERGY STAR rated furnace every 15 years, as newer models can save up to 15% more energy than their older counterparts.

2. Frequent Repairs

You may notice that your furnace has required frequent repairs over the last few years. If you keep calling heating contractors and new problems keep coming up, you should think about replacing your furnace entirely. You may also notice that your heating bill has gone up since the repairs were required. A higher heating bill (within the same month as last year) means small components are working less efficiently than they used to. 

3. Humidity Issues

Does your home feel more humid than it has in the past? A humid home may be a sign of more than just rainy weather. Humidity is a sign of a failing furnace. Have your contractor check for leaky ductwork and poor equipment. You may just need to seal the ductwork to fix the problem. 

4. You're Freezing

When your home feels like the North Pole, but your thermostat reads upwards of 75 degrees, call a repairman. This is a sign of problems with your ductwork. The pilot light could also be malfunctioning. If you can't hear the furnace switch on - even when you turn the heat up - check the pilot light. 

5. Yellow Pilot Light 

The flame in your pilot light should always be blue. This indicates a proper mix of gases. If you see a yellow flame, chances are good that your furnace isn't mixing gases correctly, and there is too much carbon monoxide being produced. 

6. Random Shutoffs 

Maybe your furnace works fine for a while, and then suddenly stops working. Or, it takes forever to get going. You may have an issue with faulty wiring, a bad thermostat, or a problematic fan motor. 

Only your furnace repairman can determine whether your furnace simply needs fixing, or if your home requires a brand new furnace altogether. Call a local company like Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc for help with your specific problems today. 


31 August 2015

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