No Hot Water From Plumbing Fixtures: The Probable Cause


Are you suddenly experiencing a lack of hot water from the plumbing fixtures in your house? The first thing that should be done is hiring a plumber to perform an inspection of the gas water heater to determine if it can be repaired. Find out in this article how a gas water heater can stop functioning as it should, as well as what a plumber will charge to replace it.

What Can Go Wrong with a Gas Water Heater?

When inspecting a gas water heater, the first thing that a plumber will look at is the pilot. Your plumbing fixtures will only release cold water if there is not a functional pilot with a flame burning inside of it. One of the main parts of a water heater that can affect the pilot is the gas valve. It is the job of the valve to release gas into a part called the burner. The burner ignites the gas and sends a flame up through the pilot so you can have hot water.

Problems with a gas valve usually stem from a part called the thermocouple needing a repair. The thermocouple works with the gas valve to let it know when a flame is burning in the pilot. When the gas valve senses a pilot flame, it will keep releasing gas into the burner so you can enjoy a steady supply of hot water. The burner may only receive a small amount of gas if the thermocouple is working a little, but no gas will be released if it is completely damaged.

Another common reason why parts of a gas water heater stop working is from an accumulation of rust. For instance, rust can prevent the gas valve from being able to turn. Rust can also create a blockage in the pilot that prevents a flame from coming up. The water heater may also simply be old and will need to be replaced.

What Do Plumbers Charge to Replace a Gas Water Heater?

You are looking to spend a minimum of $300 for a plumber to install a standard gas water heater. However, the price can be as much as over $3,500 on the highest end of the scale. The price will depend largely on the gallon capacity of the water heater. Don't delay getting in touch with a plumber so he or she can find out why you don't have hot water in your house!

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9 September 2015

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