Prevent The Pain Of Clogged Drains With These Savvy Tips


Clogged drains can result in more than just an inconvenience for property owners. They are usually the result of trapped debris in drains. Some of the drains in your home may be more prone to trapped debris. For example, your bathtub and bathroom sink may be  more prone to clogs as a result of hair going down the drains and getting trapped. You can reduce the chances of clogged drains occurring by putting these "drain friendly" practices into place. 

Understand what your septic system is designed to accommodate.

Your septic system is designed to remove human waste and toilet paper in a safe and efficient manner. These substances are considered biodegradable. As a general rule, never allow anything that is non-biodegradable to enter your drains.

Although food is biodegradable, you should minimize the amount of food that goes down your drains. This can be done by putting mesh wire drain covers in all of your drains and scraping away food from dishes prior to washing. 

Do not make the mistake of believing manufacturer claims. Some items that are deemed flushable by manufacturers could cause clogs. Examples are flushable wipes and flushable kitty litter. Also, understand that toilet paper and paper towels resemble each other in appearance, but paper towels should not be flushed.

Reduce the amount of hair that enters your drains.

If you have a dog that you bathe indoors, consider bathing your pet outdoors when the weather permits. Another option is to invest in a wash pan that is large enough to accommodate your pet. Then you can bathe them indoors in the pan. Instead of pouring the water from the baths down your drains, go outside and pour it out. 

Encourage your family to make smart decisions to prevent clogs. Brush hair prior to taking baths and showers. If someone has to shave, ensure that they protect the drains. For example, when shaving facial hair, the hair may be shorter, but it still should not go down your drains, and mesh drain covers may not be able to trap the hair. Draping the sink with paper towels would be an extra measure of protection. 

Use chemicals responsibly.

The chemicals you use to clean could negatively impact your sewer system if they are allowed to go down your drains. Your septic system has bacteria in it that are essential to its performance. Allowing chemicals such as bleach to travel down drain lines could result deplete or hinder the effectiveness of those bacteria. You do not have to stop using your cleaning supplies. Instead, use them sparingly.  Also, refrain from allowing chemicals such as nail polish remover, alcohol, or oil to go down your drains.

Ensure septic pumping is performed.

A plumbing company is the best resource to use for guidance on the appropriate septic pumping schedule for your home. Septic pumping aids in preventing clogs and more serious plumbing problems such as raw sewage spills from occurring. 

For more tips on keeping your drains clear, contact a company like South West Plumbing.


2 October 2015

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