How To Improve Your HVAC System With 2 Simple Cleanings


Over the years, your HVAC system is bound to become less efficient due to normal usage. Dust and dirt are inevitable and they can clog your system at several different points. If your furnace or air conditioner does not run as effectively as you would like, you might be tempted to start shopping for new appliances. However, you can often improve a faulty system by doing some simple cleaning on your own. These jobs will only take a couple of hours, but they will end up saving you money through reduced energy bills. 

Unclog the Furnace Vent Pipe

The first helpful task for improving your HVAC system is cleaning the furnace vent pipe. The outlet for the vent pipe is somewhere on the outside of your home. Don't confuse it with the output hose for your clothes dryer. It is close to the ground and usually sticks out just a few inches. It will usually be by the wall closest to the actual furnace it is has a small register that filters dust.  The register can get clogged on both sides, so you should take it off of the pipe first. The register is often plastic, so you can spray it down with a hose for a hassle-free cleaning. The pipe helps circulate air in the furnace's blower compartment. So, if it is clogged, the blower will not be able to produce a strong enough stream of air. This simple cleaning could instantly increase the air flow of your heater and air conditioner (most central AC units circulate their air through the furnace blower).

Clean the Interior Registers

The next job is equally simple. To clean your interior air registers you should remove them from the wall. Many people clean their registers on a regular basis with a feather duster. But, if you just do this when they are attached to the wall, it can push the dust and dirt onto the inside of the vent where it is recirculated into the ducts. This is why it is important to remove the registers from the wall and clean both sides. Remove any dust build up between the individual vents.

While your vents are off the wall, you should inspect them quickly with a flashlight. Keep an eye out for mold or dirt build up on the sidewalls. If you ducts do seem dirty, you should consult a duct cleaning specialist as soon as possible.

For further assistance, contact a local HVAC service, such as Kook & Son Inc.


12 October 2015

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