Plumbing: The Pipes In Your Home Could Be Potential Fire Hazards


If you are like many property owners, you likely never thought that a problematic plumbing system or plumbing repairs could contribute to a fire occurring. Your beliefs may be related to your knowledge of plumbing systems transporting water in and out of your home and the fact that water is a primary substance used to extinguish fires. The following plumbing issues can put you at risk for a fire occurring as a result of pipe issues.

Frozen Pipes and Preventative Measures

If you discover that you have frozen pipes, the action you take to thaw the pipes is critical. Slow and steady heat is the best method to use to thaw frozen pipes. Examples of safe options are heat lamps or blow dryers. Never attempt to use an open flame source of any type to thaw pipes due to the risk of the flame igniting another part of the area and fire spreading quickly. For example, using a blow torch to quickly heat pipes is not recommended.

Perhaps you are a proactive property owner who takes action ahead of time to prevent pipes from freezing. If you use heat tape as a means of preventing your pipes from freezing, you need to be aware that if the tape is not installed properly it can cause a fire to occur. Heat tape is often used to thwart frozen pipes from occurring in areas of homes where insulation is not present. It is best to have a professional plumber install heat tape or have one check that the placement is correct. This is because if the tape overheats or is incorrectly installed, it can cause a fire. Consider asking your plumber to recommend another solution to deterring frozen pipes.

Leaky Pipes

This type of pipe issue can contribute to a fire due to water potentially seeping into areas where electrical wiring is present. If the water makes contact with the wiring, it could cause electrical sparks to occur. The sparks may ignite a portion of your home resulting in fire. If you suspect a leak, request a plumbing inspection immediately since this type of scenario would likely occur behind the walls of your home making it a very risky, hidden danger. 

A professional plumber is the best resource to use to reduce the chances of a fire occurring due to plumbing. They can utilize a plumbing inspection to discover problematic issues such as leaks, and they can also offer advice about upgrading your plumbing system or identify components of it that are considered fire hazards. 


19 October 2015

Learning About Plumbing Services For The Kitchen

Hi everyone, my name is Bonita Ploursa. After living in my first home for several years, I decided the kitchen needed a drastic change. I spent the bulk of my time baking cakes, making candy and canning jam in my kitchen. However, cleanup was a nightmare due to the lack of a dishwasher. Furthermore, my sink area could only fit one small pot, which made it impossible to wash out my cookware. I hired a plumber to help route lines for a dishwasher and replace the sink. I also had my plumber install a nice garbage disposal in the sink. The process took very little time and no effort on my part. I would like to discuss this upgrade, and others like it, on my website. I will explore the various ways plumbers move pipes and install appliances throughout the kitchen.