Does Your Boiler Need Repair? Look For These 3 Warning Signs


If you have only used a forced air heating system in the past, you may not be familiar with the problems a boiler can have. The warning signs are quite different than a furnace, and identifying problems early will help prevent the entire system from breaking when you need it most.

Explosion Sounds

The idea of an explosion sound coming from your boiler may seem scary, but it is actually caused by a pilot light that is low. It will cause natural gas to build inside the boiler until the gas reaches the pilot light. The excess gas that ignites causes the explosion sound, which can be disturbing to hear if you are not expecting it.

It's not good for your boiler to have gas collect like that, so have a boiler repair specialists come investigate the problem immediately. The solution may only be to turn your boiler's pilot light up so that it is higher, but they will inspect the boiler for potential damage too.

Pilot Light Constantly Goes Out

Your pilot light needs to always be on in order to heat the water in the boiler. If you notice that your pilot light is frequently going out and you have to relight it, this is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

A faulty pilot light prevents your home from getting heat, is an annoyance to constantly check, and poses a potential safety risk. There should be a safety valve in place that shuts off the gas when your pilot light goes out, preventing it from leaking into your home. If that safety valve were to break, gas could easily get into your home.

Pipe Noises

One problem with using a boiler to heat your home is water hammer. It's a problem where the water pressure isn't properly regulated, and pockets of air get stuck in the pipes. It can cause water to shoot through the pipes at high speeds, causing an awful sound that's similar to somebody hitting the pipes with a hammer. You will need to have the water in your system drained to fix the water pressure problem, which will require professional help if you do not know how to do it yourself.

Ignoring this problem will only cause it to get worse over time. You may find yourself being woken up frequently during the night by water hammer, and you'll have to live with the problem until it can be repaired.


27 November 2015

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Hi everyone, my name is Bonita Ploursa. After living in my first home for several years, I decided the kitchen needed a drastic change. I spent the bulk of my time baking cakes, making candy and canning jam in my kitchen. However, cleanup was a nightmare due to the lack of a dishwasher. Furthermore, my sink area could only fit one small pot, which made it impossible to wash out my cookware. I hired a plumber to help route lines for a dishwasher and replace the sink. I also had my plumber install a nice garbage disposal in the sink. The process took very little time and no effort on my part. I would like to discuss this upgrade, and others like it, on my website. I will explore the various ways plumbers move pipes and install appliances throughout the kitchen.