Why Is Your Sink Water Not Clear?


There is probably nothing quite as off-putting as turning on the faucet for a cool glass of water and realizing the water is anything but clear. From milky water to yellow, brown, or even red water, these common water issues are usually traceable and thankfully, for the most part, they are harmless.

Milky Water

The most common issue isn't really an issue, it's simply milky water. Milky water is usually a sign of air bubbles. This water will appear milky at first, but become clear within a few minutes. This is completely harmless and more prone to happening to colder weather due to water pressure increasing as temperatures decrease. You can drink the water right away or wait until the bubbles disappear, there's no difference and this is not necessarily a problem that needs fixing. Try upping the water pressure if it's a large enough problem to prompt maintenance.

It's in the Pipes

The next problem could be not only with the home, but with the municipal water source, as well. Most homes have galvanized pipes, or pipes that have been coated with a layer of zinc to prevent rusting. This is obvious for a number of reasons, but after a few years, the zinc layer wears away, allowing for the rusting of plumbing pipes. While this may be annoying, it is at least very obvious, especially if it only happens in one area of the house. For example, if the only water in the house with this issue is the kitchen sink, those are the pipes that are rusted and in need of repair. These pipes will need to be replaced. However, if it is every room in the house, it doesn't hurt to call the water company and see if there is an existing issue or other complaints. This can also mean the pipes used to siphon water to the home are rusted, meaning the city or county is responsible for the clean up.

Yellow Water

Is the problem not exactly as severe as being rust-colored, but more yellow than milky? This is usually due to excess iron or iron bacteria in the water. There's not much to be done aside from informing the distribution center. They may also be performing an annual flush of the system or perhaps the water is dirty from an alteration in the water pressure. This is most often caused by a busted fire hydrant or water main. Running cold water through the pipes for a few minutes might clear up the issue, although this might need to be done quite a few times during the day for it for the be fully cleared.

If any problems arise or the certainty of the cause of the discoloration is questionable, informing the water company is essential. Perhaps they already know, but informing them which customers and how many are affected is an important part of narrowing down a cause. If they are unreachable, calling a plumber to give an expert opinion will also help cut down on questions.

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4 December 2015

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