Don't Throw These 3 Things Down Your Septic System


Your septic system is an integral part of your home. It takes all of the waste water from inside and pushes it out to the drain field. While many people think they can throw anything they want into their toilet, that isn't the case. You have to watch the things that you put into your tank. Otherwise, you could end up with a damaged system and a hefty repair bill. To help make matters simpler, here are three things you should never put into your septic system.


Many people assume that since diapers have human waste in them they can be thrown down the toilet. However, that isn't the case. While you can dump the waste in the toilet, you cannot throw the diaper down there. Your pipes aren't meant to handle anything this large. It will only end up clogging your system and causing it to backup inside the house. Throwing the diapers into the garbage can save a lot of hassle.


Oftentimes, people assume that they can flush baby wipes down the toilet. However, those wipes don't break down inside of your septic system. They simply sit there and clog up the lines. Even the wipes that say they are septic safe, shouldn't be thrown down your toilet. They simply aren't able to break down as much as what your septic system needs. Wipes of any sort should be thrown in the garbage to be safe.

Feminine Products

Regardless of whether you use pads or tampons, the items should always be thrown away in the garbage can. Otherwise, the pads could end up sticking to the inside of your lines and forming a barrier for anything else trying to pass through. Tampons could do the same thing by turning sideways midway down the pipe. To save yourself a lot of problems and expensive repairs, throw any feminine products in your garbage can. 

While these are only three items that you should never put down your septic system, there are plenty of others as well. Disposing of items properly will help to prevent causing any major damage or repair to your system. One item can do a lot of damage and destruction to your system, especially when it isn't meant to be thrown there in the first place. If you ever have any questions about your system, spend time discussing them with a licensed septic specialist or company like B & B Drain Tech Inc


18 January 2016

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