Three Questions To Ask Your Heating Repair Contractor


When you run into problems with your furnace, it's a good idea to shut the system off to lower the risk of further complications and schedule a visit from your local heating services repair contractor as soon as possible. Upon arriving at your home, the contractor will be able to troubleshoot the furnace, determine the reason for its problems and then order the necessary repair parts. A subsequent visit will allow the contractor to complete the repair work and also talk to you about the steps that he or she took. This conversation provides you with a chance to understand what happened to the furnace and learn more about how to minimize the risk of further complications. Here are three questions you can ask.

What Are The Early Warning Signs Of A Similar Problem In The Future?

It's important to be able to quickly identify the clues that suggest your furnace is in trouble. Noticing these early warning signs means that you can get the contractor to visit your home before the issues worsen and lead to a pricier repair bill. The contractor will be able to provide you with some details that reveal future furnace problems -- which is especially valuable if you have an old system. He or she will explain the importance of monitoring your utility bills, for example, as a sudden increase in your bill can indicate an efficiency problem with the furnace.

How Often Should I Have The Furnace Serviced?

It's generally beneficial to have your furnace inspected and serviced by your heating contractor once per year. In most cases, people schedule this job shortly before they'll expect to begin using the furnace for the fall and winter. This once-per-year guideline can fluctuate according to your furnace. For example, if you have an old system, the contractor might suggest having it serviced more than once. Likewise, if you have people with allergies in your family, it can be beneficial to consider multiple service appointments to ensure that the air is always clean.

At What Point Should I Think About Replacing The Furnace?

You can expect that your furnace will last close to 20 years, so if you're approaching this duration or have even exceeded it, it's useful to talk to your contractor about replacing the furnace. Old units can have frequent breakdowns that cost you money, and can also lose their efficiency over the years. Your contractor will be able to provide you with honest advice about how long you should continue to use the current furnace and why it might be beneficial to have a new one installed -- for example, you can often get energy rebates from the government for doing so.


15 March 2016

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