3 Problems That A Gas Water Heater Might Have


Do you place restrictions on how much hot water is used in your household because it runs out on a regular basis so fast? There are several problems that a gas water heater can experience that might limit the amount of time that water remains hot. The list in the article below will give you more insight on what can cause a gas water heater to be problematic.

1. There is a Leak in the Gas Line

A gas line leak is one of the most dangerous problems that a water heater can have. If there is a leak in the gas line, you will likely smell gas in the area surrounding the water heater. However, a large leak will release the odor of gas throughout your house. It is possible that the pilot does not stay lit because it is not getting enough gas, which is why you are only getting a small amount of hot water before it runs out. It is important for you to get the gas line inspected and repaired in a timely manner if you believe it is the root of the hot water problem in your home because it can cause an explosion when you least expect it to happen.

2. The Thermostat is Not in Good Shape

The thermostat to your gas water heater is important because it determines what the overall temperature of the water will be. It is possible that the thermostat is not functioning as it should, even if it seems to be set on a reasonable temperature. For instance, the thermostat might display a high temperature, but an internal part might be broken and causing a false reading. Your hot water might be running out fast because it is not being warmed up to a sufficient temperature to remain hot. A professional can replace or repair the thermostat depending on the problem that is found.

3, Rust is Causing the Pilot to Malfunction

If the pilot is not constantly lit, it can lead to an insufficient supply of hot water. It is possible that the pilot burner is rusty and preventing gas from properly connecting with fire to keep the pilot lit. You might need to get the burner replaced if there is a lot of rust on it. The pilot orifice might also be rusty and need to be replaced. Hire a plumber to find out why your gas hot water heater is problematic so the proper repair can be made.

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1 April 2016

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