The Do's And Don'ts Of Using Portable Toilets For Your Outdoor Corporate Event


Moving a corporate gathering outdoors is ideal when the weather is nice. However, planning a corporate event outdoors also involves a few extra details in the planning, such as how you will provide bathrooms for the event. Portable toilets are an excellent resource if you plan an outdoor corporate party in an area where public facilities are either completely unavailable or not amply available. However, there are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind that will help you ensure the portable toilets are a seamless part of the event and not a seemingly oddly-placed planning measure.

Don't have the portable toilets situated in an open area.

You may be tempted to just have the portable toilets arranged neatly in an open area where everyone can easily find them. However, placing the portable toilets in an open area is not the most tasteful solution as this is what every guest will see when they arrive at the event. 

Do arrange the portable toilets in a secluded place.

Behind a small cluster of trees, behind a portable wall or curtain, or even positioned in behind the stage if you have one will be a better resting place for the portable toilets. This will give your guests a certain level of privacy in spite of being outdoors. 

Don't expect the portable toilets to have lighting inside.

Most portable toilets have only a skylight inside because they do not have connected electric power. Therefore, if your event will be running into the late afternoon or evening, the portable toilets will be pretty dark inside. Add some small LED lanterns or lamps inside the portable toilet so your guests will be able to see once it gets dark inside. These battery-operated lighting solutions will easily offer just enough light.

Do add a few items to make the portable toilets more welcoming.

Small floor mats or rugs on the floor, door hangers, baskets of potpourri, wet wipes--all of these are items your guests will be happy to see inside of any restroom, even a portable one. As an added touch, you could also provide small sample bottles of bug spray or sunscreen because these are items outdoor event guests always need.

With the right planning, your outdoor event will go just fine. If you are in the process of planning a corporate outdoor event, make sure you check with your local event supply store for information about portable toilets. Contact a business, such as AAA Pumping Service, for more information.   


18 July 2016

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