3 Maintenance Tips For Boilers To Avoid Heating Your Home In Summer


With the summer months here, you are probably thinking more about keeping your home cool than you are about your heating. One of things you probably do not want is it to be heating your home during the summer, but if you have a boiler, you might be. This can happen due to a lack of maintenance or valves going bad, which a heating and air conditioning contractor can help you with. Here are some tips to help ensure your boiler is not heating your home during the summer months:

1. Turning Off The Valves And Pumps To Prevent Hot Water Circulation

Valves are one of the major problems that you can have with the radiators in your home. When the weather is warmer, it is a good time to start turning the valves off on all the radiators in your home. This will help ensure that there is not heat circulating when you do not want to be heating your home. If you touch radiators and notice that they are warm, then turn the valve control to the off position. If you do not have easy-to-use valves on the radiators, contact a heating contractor to help install these, which can be good for energy efficiency in the winter months as well.

2. Adjusting System To Heat Only The Sanitary Water For Use In Plumbing

You may rely on a boiler for sanitary purposes as well, like the plumbing for the shower or in the kitchen. This means that the boiler may have a separate system for heating and for sanitary water purposes. Modern systems often have a valve here, where you can adjust the boiler to give priority to the sanitary system and cut off flow to heating. If you have this type of valve on your system, turn it all the way to the sanitary position to ensure that the boiler is not supplying hot water to the radiators in your home.

3. Repairing Problems With Pumps And Valves That Cause Hot Water To Circulate

There are sometimes problems that can cause the heat to be circulating and radiators to be hot when you do not want them to be. This is often due to issues with things like sensors that are not working properly or valves that get stuck and allow water to flow. Contact a heating repair contractor to check for these problems with your system. When you have the maintenance done, you can also talk with them about flushing the system. This will remove mineral deposits that collect and cause problems like valves becoming stuck in an open or closed position.

When hot water ends up flowing through radiators, they can be contributing to heat in your home. Contact an HVAC contractor to help with repairs and maintenance to ensure you are not heating your home during the hottest days of summer. For more information, check out sites like http://calldoctorfixit.com.


24 July 2016

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