Do You Need A Water Filter Or Water Softener?


Do you have a problem with the taste of the water in your home? Or, do you have a problem with stains on plumbing fixtures, and spots on your dishes? There are a couple of main solutions that homeowner way need to employ on the water in their home. While water softeners are a necessity in some cases, they are not the only option for improving the quality of the water in your home. To make sure that you actually correct the water issues you have, you should know what a water softener is meant to do and when a filter is a better option. 

Water Softeners

Water softeners are meant to remove hard minerals and chemicals from the water in your home. You can get hard water in a couple of ways. For one, your water supply could run through underground formations that contain hard minerals, which can then dissolve into the water. For another, you could have metal pipes, which introduce metal salts into your water. In either case, these hard minerals can make your water unsafe to drink, can prevent soaps and detergents from working properly, and/or coat your plumbing fixtures with hard-to-remove stains. If you have any or all of these problems, then a filter will not solve the problem—a water softener is what you need. 

The Swimming Pool Effect

If you get your water from a municipal water supply, then your city should have already taken steps to remove hard minerals from the water. They will, however, use chlorine or another chemical to prevent bacteria, viruses, and algae from growing in your water supply. Thus, you may feel like you are drinking swimming pool water when you drink your tap water. If this is the case, then a water softener may not solve the problems. Instead, you should use a water filter to improve the taste of your water. 

Water softeners serve a necessary function in many homes across the country but that does not mean that they are right for every home. If you think you have a problem with the water supply in your home, you should have your water tested and then work with a properly qualified water treatment technician, like Rhodes Pump Service Inc., to decide what steps you should take to improve the quality of your water. In some cases, you might need both a water softener to remove harsh minerals and a filter to improve the taste. Just make sure that you are prepared to make an informed decision. 


4 August 2016

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