Waste Not, Want Not: Tips For Saving Water And Protecting Your Plumbing And Septic System


Conserving water does more than merely reduce your monthly consumption costs, it can also save strain on your home's plumbing. This, in turn, puts less of a drain on your property's delicate septic system, which can be costly to repair and that has the potential for catastrophic results when damaged.

Consider some tips to protect your plumbing, preserve your septic system, and save water:

Your laundry room.

Don't do the entire household's laundry on one day. This puts strain on your septic system and could cause issues with your system's drain-field, which may not be able to adequately handle and treat so much waste at one time. Be sure to always use the appropriate settings to conserve water; newer washing machines are more efficient and could use around half of the water that your older machine needs per load.

Garbage disposals.

Septic system issues can be a real hassle and quite costly to resolve. Since garbage disposals are used to break-down food and solids into matter that can be flushed away, it ends up in your septic system. Prevent plumbing issues in your kitchen and bigger problems in your septic tank by watching what you put down the disposal; this will reduce the sludge and debris that can line your pipes, plumbing, and septic tank walls.

Under the sink.

You may forget about the water softener or filtration system that you have underneath your sink, but this is another area where water could be wasted. These systems often pump thousands of gallons of water straight through to your septic system, which can be difficult for the system to handle. Talk with your plumber about re-routing the system to avoid the stress on your septic and save water.

Your hot-tub.

Each time you drain your hot-tub, whirlpool, or Jacuzzi, you are sending gallons and gallons of water through your plumbing and into your septic system. This causes a lot of strain on your system which stirs up the solid matter on the bottom of your septic tank which can cause major plumbing issues. Instead, cool the water in the tub and then slowly drain it on your lawn, garden, or landscaping, far from your septic system's drain-field.

Your home's plumbing and septic system are closely related and when problems arise with one, it can significantly impact the other. Conserving water is not only good for your utility bill but also preserves your septic system. Talk with a plumbing professional like Walt's Plumbing to find ways to reduce the wear and tear on your septic system that you could be inadvertently causing. 


12 August 2016

Learning About Plumbing Services For The Kitchen

Hi everyone, my name is Bonita Ploursa. After living in my first home for several years, I decided the kitchen needed a drastic change. I spent the bulk of my time baking cakes, making candy and canning jam in my kitchen. However, cleanup was a nightmare due to the lack of a dishwasher. Furthermore, my sink area could only fit one small pot, which made it impossible to wash out my cookware. I hired a plumber to help route lines for a dishwasher and replace the sink. I also had my plumber install a nice garbage disposal in the sink. The process took very little time and no effort on my part. I would like to discuss this upgrade, and others like it, on my website. I will explore the various ways plumbers move pipes and install appliances throughout the kitchen.