3 Problems That A Gas Water Heater Might Have


Do you place restrictions on how much hot water is used in your household because it runs out on a regular basis so fast? There are several problems that a gas water heater can experience that might limit the amount of time that water remains hot. The list in the article below will give you more insight on what can cause a gas water heater to be problematic. 1. There is a Leak in the Gas Line

1 April 2016

Three Questions To Ask Your Heating Repair Contractor


When you run into problems with your furnace, it's a good idea to shut the system off to lower the risk of further complications and schedule a visit from your local heating services repair contractor as soon as possible. Upon arriving at your home, the contractor will be able to troubleshoot the furnace, determine the reason for its problems and then order the necessary repair parts. A subsequent visit will allow the contractor to complete the repair work and also talk to you about the steps that he or she took.

15 March 2016

Kids And Clogged Drains - Four Common Culprits


Having kids might make you feel like your house has been turned upside down, and plumbing issues can be a common problem. There are plenty of ways kids might accidentally clog drains, but most of the time it's because they don't know any better. Here are four common drain clog issues that kids might cause, and how to avoid them. 1. Down the Toilet Mysteries Brace yourself, it WILL happen. At one point or another your child will not be able to resist flushing something down the toilet.

22 February 2016

Shared Drains In Connected Housing And What They Mean For Your Condo Purchase


If you are looking at buying a condo for your first home and are considering apartment-style condos, where you have multiple units on multiple floors, take the plumbing into consideration. Not only might you have to put up with water shut-offs throughout the building if one unit needs work, but you're likely to encounter something known as a shared drain. These make sense architecturally but can be a major nuisance if a clog appears in one of the shared sections.

12 February 2016

Are Incinerating Toilets A Good Idea?


With all the modern technology advances, an incinerating toilet ranks in the list of great inventions. You could use one if you are living in a remote area such as a fishing shack, cabin, camp, or accessory building. You won't need to have a regular toilet in your house because with this invention, you can be the owner of an electric or gas incinerating toilet. Living in an area where you don't need to have a standard water closet or have a sewer or septic system, this is a sterile way to incinerate human waste into clean ash.

2 February 2016

Ward Off Clogs And Clean Your Kitchen Drains


If you want to prevent a clog and a kitchen mess, you must keep your drains cleaned. There are many tricks and techniques that will work, but remember that the key is consistency. Clean your drains regularly and keep build-up along the pipe walls to a minimum. Try these tips for cleaning your kitchen drains. Use some yeast. A packet of dry yeast is particularly effective at reducing sludge along the walls of your pipes.

26 January 2016

Don't Throw These 3 Things Down Your Septic System


Your septic system is an integral part of your home. It takes all of the waste water from inside and pushes it out to the drain field. While many people think they can throw anything they want into their toilet, that isn't the case. You have to watch the things that you put into your tank. Otherwise, you could end up with a damaged system and a hefty repair bill. To help make matters simpler, here are three things you should never put into your septic system.

18 January 2016