Three Reasons Why You Cannot DIY Home Water Filtration Equipment


There are many projects that homeowners can do themselves, but water purification and equipment installation are not DIY projects. There are several reasons for this, most having to do with the skills needed to connect all of the equipment. If you want water purification services, you absolutely need a professional to do the job, and here are three good reasons why. 1. Your Water Intake Plumbing Has to Be Rerouted

10 November 2015

4 Tips To Keep Your Pipes From Leaking This Winter


When it comes to freezing temperatures, there are a lot of things that you have to think about. For one thing, you have to worry about your plumbing. When the temperatures drop below freezing, the water that is inside of your pipes can freeze up and can cause your pipes to burst. This can result in a very expensive problem, so it's best to prevent it from happening in the first place.

2 November 2015

With Winter Approaching, Take These Steps To Avoid Frozen Pipes


Frozen pipes are more than a minor annoyance. Not only can you not obtain any water when your pipes are frozen, but since water expands when it freezes, frozen pipes often turn into burst pipes, leading to flooding and extensive water damage. This winter, do all that you can to prevent your pipes from freezing by following these steps: Check the insulation. Head down into your basement, and take a look at any pipes that are exposed.

23 October 2015

Plumbing: The Pipes In Your Home Could Be Potential Fire Hazards


If you are like many property owners, you likely never thought that a problematic plumbing system or plumbing repairs could contribute to a fire occurring. Your beliefs may be related to your knowledge of plumbing systems transporting water in and out of your home and the fact that water is a primary substance used to extinguish fires. The following plumbing issues can put you at risk for a fire occurring as a result of pipe issues.

19 October 2015

How To Improve Your HVAC System With 2 Simple Cleanings


Over the years, your HVAC system is bound to become less efficient due to normal usage. Dust and dirt are inevitable and they can clog your system at several different points. If your furnace or air conditioner does not run as effectively as you would like, you might be tempted to start shopping for new appliances. However, you can often improve a faulty system by doing some simple cleaning on your own.

12 October 2015

Prevent The Pain Of Clogged Drains With These Savvy Tips


Clogged drains can result in more than just an inconvenience for property owners. They are usually the result of trapped debris in drains. Some of the drains in your home may be more prone to trapped debris. For example, your bathtub and bathroom sink may be  more prone to clogs as a result of hair going down the drains and getting trapped. You can reduce the chances of clogged drains occurring by putting these "

2 October 2015

Three Things You Should Find Out About Your Plumbing Before Moving In


When you finally sign the closing papers and move into your new house, your priorities may be to get everything moved in or to start re-painting those hideously-colored bedrooms. However, there is one other issue you should take care of before you get started unpacking and redecorating: learning about the plumbing. Finding out these three things about your plumbing system before you move in may save you from a plumbing emergency and will also ensure that if a plumbing issue does arise, you're more prepared to deal with it.

24 September 2015